Inherited DangerBusinesswoman's Fault


Inherited Danger is a dense collection of eight new stories that are deeply thoughtful, and endlessly entertaining flights of imagination. These stories deal with a diversity of issues and show emerging challenges facing Africans today especially in their struggle to survive.

In INHERITED DANGER, a ruthless activist-turned-politician must get married to her dead husband’s brother to save her organisation from the schemes of a shrewd competitor. AFTERMATH takes place in the guerilla-controlled Northen Uganda. Four girls fleeing into the forest to avoid being turned into sex slaves run into a bigger danger. In MONI AFINDA, a middle-aged brand manager carries the memories of her father’s failures into her business. She must win a contract at all costs and succeed because she cannot repeat her father’s mistakes. In KICHOROCHORO, a tumult of personal tragedies pushes a young social worker into the frontier of doom without a back-up plan. She throws herself into her work of reshaping the lives of ragamuffin homeless boys in a dangerous Nairobi slum. RUDE AWAKENING is about the return of Ajwang Nyar Kadem, the famous femme fatale in Luo lore. The haunting cinema-esque HAPPY 9TH BIRTHDAY is about a nine-year-old girl who is sexually abused by her father and its horrific aftermath. She throws the spanner into the works and into a nightmare of suspense and stark terror. The two last stories are about elderly musicians in a changing world. KISS YA BANGONGI is set in the degenerate world of Congolese music and demonstrates that chasing greatness spurs doubt, self hatred, failure, and pain especially when the conditions for greatness are deemed by the sort of egotistical man the protagonist is. In FIRST AND SECOND RHYTM GUITARS IN AN OLD BENGA SONG, an old benga guitarist must drop his personal principles and give benga music a facelift in order to save it from extinction. The two stories are linked inextricably to innovation in the guitar music, to chord changes, and voiced heartaches.


Stories, 402 pages
Published in August 2023
Published by Oba Kunta Octopus