He can't uphold his principles now... he needs money!

Recollections of an old guitarist. An assignment of ethical dilemmas.

Raga Raga is an old benga guitarist, a real pro benga master of the rhythm guitar. He is a respected benga master of the 1970s and 1980s. He lives his last days in his rural home where he faces a recurring set of obstacles as he moves into old age; he is poor. He wants to retire. But he finds his retirement rudely interrupted by a Kisumu City music promoter.

A curious and complicated alliance of ruthless underworld benga musisicans have been attracted by millions of shillings glittering prize… that poses to turn benga music into fusion music. Money buys everything... or at least, that's what the eccentric Kisumu millionaire music promoter Juma Banja believes. He has a singular reputation - he was a born go-getter… He wants to make money by giving benga music a huge facelift. He knows Raga Raga is a highly respected old benga master and any change in real benga music introduced through him will be respected. Raga Raga can’t uphold his principles for too long, he needs money. He responds by enacting various tactics to reconcile the new challenge. Poverty is not a new thing in the life of benga artistes, it’s normal. Men who created benga music have died paupers. The living ones are impoverished and live in pathetic conditions. Up till now, he had been content to live that way. But now, he is faced with a challenge: to make a transformation in his principles and change benga music radically in exchange of money. This calls on him to betray the loyalty benga music had invested in him so faithfully for so many years.